The True American Breed 


An estimated 30-60 million bison roamed the plains of our beloved United States of America in 1800.

With bodies perfectly adapted to the environment, herds as far as the eye could see flourished with absolutely no human care or intervention. Natural selection had created a bovine perfectly tailored to the North American climate, naturally possessing disease resistance, pest control, intensely efficient foraging, climate hardiness, high fertility, and calving ability. 

image - library of congress

What made the bison the perfect herbivore for the American plains is now available to you as the ultimate herd animal.

Today, forward-thinking producers and distinctive consumers alike, have the opportunity to have the image of health in both their fields and on the plate.  

The benefits don’t stop in the pasture. As one of the best-kept secrets in the health food market, Beefalo has been shown by USDA testing to possess superior vitamin levels, higher protein, nearly 1/3 less cholesterol, 79% less fat, and 66% less calories than conventional beef. But don’t let the health benefits fool you; Beefalo cuts, judged by overall flavor and texture, have received the “Best Steak” award multiple years running at the American Royal Steak Competition. Cutting edge restauranteurs and health leaders are discovering the vast benefits of bringing beefalo to their tables. 


  • Longer Reproductive Lifespans
  • Small Birth Size for ease Calving, YET a rapid rate of gain with forage/roughage feeding without grains or hormones
  • Extreme Climate Adaptability [Hot + Cold]
  • Very Maternal, Great Milking, High Conception Rates
  • Disease Resistance
  • Great Carcass Structure + Quality, Healthy Meat


A common misconception about Beefalo is that it is half cow, half buffalo. Though the original producers did have to cross the two "Bovinae," what we call Beefalo today is an advanced mix of Domesticated Cattle and 37.5% American Bison. This cross was chosen specifically as it has been show as the 'sweet spot' of the genetic pool, allowing all the best qualities of both animals to be present. Registered Beefalo Herds are a consistent 3/8 bison, 5/8 domestic bovine heritage. Any animals containing more bison DNA are therefor considered Cattalo and do not possess the same qualities or appearance of the USDA recognized breed of Beefalo




Beefalo will also “wow you” is in its sustainability and production efficiency. Both producers and naturalists are amazed at the documented >40% less cost and input than the conventional beef animal. The incredible vigor of the bison breed and it’s ability to adapt, and thrive, to living conditions here in the US can not be matched by the European bloodlines of traditional beef breeds. They are ideal for grass-fed, all-natural, organic and hormone-free meats while requiring less production costs. In addition, Beefalo takes 30% less time to cook and 1/3 less heat to cook. A healthier beef for you and your world.



Read a classic Mother Earth News feature interview about how Beefalo offers a cleaner, more efficient beef animal to consumers and producers. 


Beefalo was developed in the early 1970’s by a Californian producer who successfully interbreed American Bison with domesticated cattle. After nearly 150 years of selective breeding, the perfect balance was found in 3/8th’s Bison and 5/8th’s domestic cattle. This new cross had high fertility success and a superior balance of traits for modern-day uses and needs. With this cross, the hardiness of the bison was retained but was melded the easy temperament, superior carcass structure and meat quality of domesticated cattle. In 1975 the American Beefalo Association was formed as the breeds popularity sky-rocketed. By 1985, USDA meat testing had concluded substantial differences in Beefalo’s nutrition profile when compared with traditional beef warranting beefalo it’s own meat label and regulations. Today beefalo is experiencing a resurgence in the health food market as consumers are actively becoming more conscious about where their foods come from, invested in animal welfare and engaged in sustainability efforts. 



Definitely one of the best-kept secrets in the health food world is beefalo. With staggering USDA meat test results showing substantially Less Cholesterol, Less Fat and Less Calories than regular beef, but you don't have to sacrifice flavor. One of our producers recently won the American Royal's Best Steak Competition 2 years running. Now that is how meat should be.



The bison blood of Beefalo gives this breed the native advantages of disease resistance, improved foraging, longer reproductive and life span, excellent fertility, calving ease, climate adaptability and more - making for a healthier animal requiring less production input and therefor a smaller footprint.



The hardiness of beefalo and the superior meats produced, allow producers enhanced productivity over regular beef. Less input costs (up to 40%) and a specialty market makes this breed a no-brainer for cattleman. Intense growth potential in the booming health food market place makes the the best option for your herd genetics.