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Building A True American Breed

We love beefalo. Our members are dedicated and passionate individuals with years of experience who are willing to do what they can to get your beefalo operation where you want it to go. Though spread across 35+ States, our registered producers are tight-knit and knowledgeable, and ready to help you grow.




EVENTS | shows

As part of the ABA you will have the opportunity to be part of the multiple, annual beefalo shows held across the country. Livestock Shows are a great opprotunity to network with fellow producers, educate the public, and compete with your livestock. Beefalo awareness is growing our fascinating breed draws interest at these events, which is great for getting your foot in the market place.



100+ ABA Farms, 35+ States

The ABA network of over 100+ ABA Registered Beefalo farms, in 35+ states, offers members the opportunity to find the connections they need to take their establishment to the next level. Our membership is almost like a family. Producers are constantly referring each other to the most beneficial connections in our network. 

ABA Regional Chapters

Our Chapters help producers get together to form events, hit markets, etc. and also take part in the national ABA association. New chapters are developing!

Beefalo States

American beefalo association
American Beefalo International


What we do, why, when, how, who. 

American Beefalo Association, Inc is a member driven organization that has as its primary objective the registration, improvement, and promotion of the Beefalo breed. The organization was formed in November of 2008 when American Beefalo International and American Beefalo World Registry joined to form a single organization with a single voice for the Beefalo breed. The histories of these two organizations go back well over 25 years and members of the ABA were fundamental in the creation of the earliest Beefalo registries.



ABA Membership Rates

Yearly $100 Year + $25 Annual

A lifetime member is one who elects to pay a lifetime membership fee and an annual service fee, as determined by the Board of Directors. A corporation, partnership, firm, or trust may become a member the same as individuals. The annual service fee shall be due on the 1st of January each year and shall entitle the member to a copy of the association newsletter at no additional charge. Active lifetime members are entitled to vote and to hold office.

ANNUAL $25 Year + $25 Annual

An annual member is one who elects to pay an annual membership fee and an annual service fee, as determined by the Board of Directors. A corporation, partnership, firm, or trust may become a member the same as individuals. All annual membership fees are due on the 1st of January each year and shall entitle the member to a copy of the association newsletter at no additional charge. An active annual member shall be eligible to vote and hold office.

ASSOCIATE  $25 Annual
An associate member is one who has an interest in the Beefalo breed. Associate members pay an annual service fee which entitles them to receive the association newsletter. Associate members pay the non-member rates for registration and are not eligible to vote or hold office.

JUNIOR  $25 One-Time
Junior memberships are for those under the age of 18 with an active interest in breeding and/or showing Beefalo cattle. Junior members pay a one-time fee of $25 which entitles them to remain an active junior member until they turn 18. Junior members are not entitled to vote or to hold office. There are no annual service fees for junior members.

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Board Members


Brian Miller
Navarre, OH

Vice President
Leo Muehr
Conroe, TX

Alan Harris
Buchanan, TN

Bret Green
Vicksburg, MI


Kyle Skidmore
Shepherdsville, KY

Matt Super
Grand Junction, MI
269 427-5095

Jeff Hawk
South Carolina
864 216-1225

Penny Knuckles
Lincoln, AR

David McCoy
LaMonte, MO

The ABA Board

Our passionate board members are elected by the general body and volunteer their time.  Monthly meetings are held via conference phone call usually on the second Monday of the month at 9:00p.m (Eastern standard time). The only scheduled face-to-face meetings are held in conjunction with the two National Shows and membership meetings; one in Louisville, KY and the other in Sedalia, MO. Having a diverse Board of Directors betters the Association. Let any board member know if you would like to serve the Association or know someone who would make a good candidate for the nominating committee to contact. 

We always welcome feedback and ideas. Contact a board member today to share or find out how to advanced the breed.

PRODUCERS - ready to talk With you

The following list are ourmost dedicated members across the country, these folks love to connect with interested publics and producers, so don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about the breed, find meat, or maybe to even visit a working farm or ranch!


1. Kyle Skidmore Beefalo Cattle
    Kyle Skidmore
    3681 Cedar Grove Rd
    Shepherdsville, KY 40165
    (502) 641-7878

2. Hoof N Woof Farm
    Don & Jeanne McDaniel
    1392 Watson Rd
    Hillsboro, KY 41029
    (606) 876-2678

3. David & Deborah Miles
    Smiths Grove, KY
    (270) 421-5479

4. Liberty American Farm
    734 Needham Rd
    Eastview, KY 42732
    (270) 862-2526

5. KLM Farm
    Matthew and Lori-Lee Moulton
    P.O. Box 43
    North Berwick, ME 03906
    (207) 251-9613

6. Green's MM Beefalo Farm
    Bret & Debbie Green
    9824 E. YZ Ave
    Vicksburg, MI 49097
    (269) 496-7814

7. High Evergreen Farms
    Matt & Anna Super
    57528 16th Ave
    Grand Junction, MI 49056
    (269) 427-5095

8. Frosty Pine Farms
    Mark & Sue Guigar
    445 North Huron View Rd
    Carsonville, MI 48419
    (810) 622-8767

9. Ussery Beefalo
    3015 Cotton Hollow Rd
    Norwood, MO 65717
    (417) 746-4217

10. Circle Z Beefalo
      Vernon & Sheila Zelch
      425 Bechter Rd
      Bourbon, MO 65441

11. Fowler Beefalo
      John & Karen Fowler
      12467 South Patrick Rd
      LaMonte, MO 65337
      (660) 347-5680

12. A&K Beefalo Ranch
      Andrew & Kelly Dietsch
      9640 Splitlimb Road
      Raymondville, MO 65555
      (573) 674-1262


13. Beryl Mt View Beefalo
     149 Milliken Brook rd
     Alstead, NH 03602
     (603) 835-6509

14. P&L Beefalo
     Kerry & Pat Williams
     494 CR 2300
     Ramona, OK 74061
     (918) 535-2058

15. The Kuhn Family
      Randy & Tina Kuhn
      24 Parmenter Rd
      Columbia Cross Roads, PA 16914
      (570) 297-4466

16. Buchanan Tennessee Beefalo
      Alan Harris
      Buchanan Rd
      Buchanan, TN 38222
      (731) 336-4681

17. OOOO Beefalo
      Chris O'neal
      7770 CR 2580
      Royse City, TX 75189
      (214) 957-7860

18. Leo & Priya Muehr
      Rockin Camel Ranch
      12117 Nicholson Rd
      Conroe, TX 77303
      (281) 923-8549

19. Hawk Farms
Jeff Hawk                       
1004 Fish Camp Road
Chesnee, SC 29323                (864) 216-1225

20. Done Rovin Beefalo
      12771 E. Sugar Hill Rd
       Lincoln, AR 72744
       (479) 824-4242

21. Done Rovin Beefalo II
Penny Knuckles
20801 Anhill Rd
Lincoln, AR 72744
(979) 481-0243

22. Mountain Brook Farm
      Mary Jane Kittredge
      PO Box 164
      Dorset, VT 05251
      (802) 362-4874

23. Beefalo Meats
      Mark & Linda Merrill
      4221 Fairview Rd
      Ellensburg, WA 98926
      (509) 968-3132

24. Nemo Farms
      Joseph Niemann
      12504 Wide Hollow Rd
       Yakima, WA 98908
       (509) 985-7533

25. Mike & Clarinda Streetman
      3391 Hog Mt. Rd
       Watkinsville, GA 30677
       (706) 769-7820

26. A Thousand Hills Beefalo Ranch
David Hacker
10244 Norwich
Lincoln, AR 72744
(281) 386 - 6623


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