This page is members only access and includes important documents, applications, etc. that will help you make the most of your membership and advance your herd. The following are available on this page, scroll down to view:


  • Meat Registry Application   |  Submission Types: Digital + Printable/Mailable
  • Herd Book Registry DNA Application   |   Submission Types: Digital + Printable/Mailable
  • Application for Transfer   |   Submission Types: Digital + Printable/Mailable
  • Evelyn Garrett Scholarship  | Submission Types: Digital


  • Rules of Registry |  Readable As: Online + PDF Download
  • Bylaws  |  Readable As : PDF Download
  • Fee Schedule Worksheet  |   Readable As: PDF Download




Primary Forms 

Some forms may require additional forms to complete processing, depending on animal and function. Please see form content for more information. Secondary forms and worksheets below.


Meat Registration Application

This form is for members who have the sire and dam information, and want to register the calf for registered ABA beefalo meat status. 

Herd Book DNA Registry Application

This application form asks members for all breeding information for a herd animal. A transfer must be filled out when animal sold if purchaser wants to keep as a nationally registered animal.

Secondary Forms + Worksheets

Please see primary forms to see if Application for Transfer is needed to complete your form process.


Application for Transfer

Use this form when transferring animals to new ownership. 




Fee Schedule Worksheet Download

This file will help you to tally up what is owed for registration so that you can minimize repetitive payment processing OR the number of checks you need to mail to the office. (Please enclose with check in envelope if mailing.) Credit Card Option NOW AVAILABLE. [ Not an interactive worksheet ]


Evelyn Garrett Scholarship

Since 2009 ABA has recognized E. Garrett's 30+ years of service to the beefalo breed by annually awarding $200 to selected student(s) to inspire and encourage students to pursue agricultural and animal husbandry education. This opportunity is open to the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of ABA members who are within 6 months of high school graduation or are currently enrolled in secondary education or technical training for agriculture, animal husbandry, or food science.



ABA Bylaws

Accepted by the organization in 2008, these bylaws are the "rules" of which the organization runs, expected member conduct, etc. Membership status details are available here, as well as meeting, election, terms, officer roles, appeals, committees, purpose, chapter rules and more.


Rules of Registry

These are guidelines and regulations by which ABA determines animal registration.