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EZ-Use Files for Printing and Application

Files here are owned by ABA and are safe to use on your farms marketing materials. These files will help simplify the creation or production of marketing materials to help advance your farms reach.


Logo Downloads

Visit this page for official ABA logo in a variety of formats for print and installations. These logos are available for download for your posters, show apparel, website and more!

ABA Tri Fold

ABA Flyers + Posters

These downloads offer members printable beefalo resources to simplify marketing and cut costs. 


ABA image resources

Marketing Material Help

Downloadable info-graphics for your marketing materials, without making them from scratch. 



Regional Chapters 

Regional chapters are associated with ABA, and most involved hold dual memberships. However, each has their own bylaws and regulations. See the directory below for board members and links to each chapter website. 


Mid-America Beefalo
(Mo, AR, OK, KS)
President - John Fowler
VP - Larry Hacker
Sec/Treasurer—Marty Greer

North Eastern Beefalo
(ME, MA, CT,RI, NH, VT, and NY
President– Lucien Hinkle
VP-Alice Herrmann
Secretary—Mary Jane Kittredge
Treasurer—Olga Bell


Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association
President - Matt Super  
VP - Mike Carleton
Sec - Bret Green
Treasurer - Debbie Green

South Central Beefalo Breeders Association (TX)
President - Leo Muehr
Vice-President - Penny Knuckles
Treasurer - Chris Oneal
Secretary - Tamara Gearhart

NW Beefalo Association
(WY, MT, OR, ID, WA, UT)
Pres - Jon Nichols
Sec/Treasurer - Ruby Ide
Annual Meeting in August - Idaho